Exchange 2003 Support is Ending

Microsoft Extended Support for Exchange 2003 ends on 8th April 2014.   If your business is running Exchange 2003 you need to be seriously considering a migration to a later version of Exchange.  Our advice is to not run your business email on an unsupported platform!

Microsoft reference article here:

From what we understand there are a fair few instance of Exchange 2003 still out there.   This is based on the number of queries we receive from businesses wanting to migrate from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, or Office 365.

As an aside, support for Outlook 2003 also ends on 8th April 2014.  See the Microsoft article here:

Exchange 2003 End of Support | Migration | Consulting

Moving off Exchange 2003 is not a simple undertaking, and requires careful planning and approach.  Exchange 2003 was a great product, but now is the time to get that migration project underway, and move onto a newer version.   When a mail platform has been in use for an extended amount of time, we often find it more complex to migrate off it, due to the many configuration changes that have been made to it over the years.

If you need help with your migration project off Exchange 2003, then please Contact Us to find out about our consulting services.

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