3 reasons to make the migration to Office 365


Many businesses face pressures to adopt new technologies and innovations in order to stay competitive in an increasingly disruptive digital environment. Planning the move from your existing platform to Office 365 can be a daunting task without expert help and guidance.   If you are considering migrating to Office 365 soon, I recommend you read this excellent blog article on office365migrate.com covering the Approach to Office 365 Migration.  Once you have migrated to O365 it is easy to see where the benefits lie.

For those who are still considering a migration to Office 365, here are some of the wider benefits such a move can bring to your company, regardless of size or industry.

1. The advantages of cloud computing

  • Cost. It’s the popular reasoning behind a move to a cloud-based application like Office 365. Without having to pay for and maintain expensive servers in-house, translating your IT budget into small, manageable allotments gives many businesses the freedom to invest this revenue elsewhere, according to IDG Communications.
  • Security. Cloud computing offers a secure, stable platform with which to expand and grow capacity as needed, says Deloitte.
  • Continuity. With cloud computing, IT infrastructure and information is no longer stored in an on-site location. In the event of an accident or disaster, business operation can continue uninterrupted somewhere else.

2. Office mobility

Combining cloud computing with an Office 365 package provides many additional improvements to businesses performance. An important one is the introduction of flexibility in the workplace and the way employees perform tasks and access information.

Because not only information, but essential software, is accessible remotely via the cloud, users only need an internet connection to have all the tools they need to work in an efficient and productive manner. This reduces the imperative for employees to be in a specific location in order to work effectively, and gives businesses the freedom to let employees work in whatever environment suits them best.

3. Collaboration

Lastly, Office 365 offers many exciting features that helps workers view, share and collaborate on information.

Take for example, Yammer, part of the Office 365 suite. Not only is Yammer a document-collaboration tool, this handy software helps employees share updates, discuss ideas and reach out to coworkers near and far.

There are many more reasons why moving to Office 365 can benefit the productivity of your business. To find out more about migrating to this platform, get in touch with the team at Email Migrations today.

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