Email migration project | global trends | January 2016

This is the first in a series of blog posts where I summarise the current email migration activities we are involved in – to reflect the trends in the industry, based on our experiences.

January 2016 sees us involved in migrations to Office 365, from both GroupWise and Domino.   The customers still on GroupWise are a constant surprise, as each year I think GroupWise will fizzle out.   However, GroupWise is still actively developed with a strong community of followers.   We see no migrations to GroupWise though, which is an indicator of its long term prospects I think.

We are seeing larger projects off Domino to Office 365, with customers unable to resist the move to the cloud any longer.   Domino can get entrenched into a business with its powerful application platform, and unique email features.   Office 365 is now well established and increasingly attractive to escaping Lotus Notes.   There would be little reason to move from Domino to on-premise Exchange, so Office 365 is the logical step.

Exchange 2016 is now being talked about, and we are testing it out in our lab.  More on this later.

We field requests from customers who have embarked on their own email migration project, but run into trouble through lack of proper planning – this is a common mistake.   Please contact us if you need help with your email migration project in 2016.

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