PST Migration to Office 365

You may have migrated to Office 365 recently. But do you still have Outlook PST files in your environment. Commonly, the answer is yes. Your legal compliance department may not like this fact. Office 365 gives you a very large mailbox to use – we recommend moving all your PST files into Office 365.

This can be done in a number of different ways, and can be a major project in itself. We recommend you employ the services of to help you get rid of PST files, and move all the email data into Office 365. Ready their web article that describes how to safely migrate your PST files to Office 365.

Using a PST import tool is only 10% of the solution – you need to have the PST Migration Experts to help you!

Make your legal compliance department happy by telling them confidently that all the company email data is in Office 365 Exchange Online, and can be centrally searchable.

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