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An email migration consultant can help identify risk in your project.

Domino to Office 365 email migration – timing, strategy and risk

When an organisation has been using IBM Domino and Lotus Notes for 10 years, there will be a number of business-critical Lotus Notes applications intricately woven into your organisation’s IT infrastructure.   These need to be considered carefully before embarking on your Domino to Office 365 email migration. You know about Microsoft […]

How to Succeed

How to succeed ? This section lists some ideals to aim for, to achieve a successful email migration project. They are listed in no particular order, and most will be obvious. If you have suggestions for more ideals then please email me. Good Quality Staff:  Having a good team of […]

Migration Planning

Migration planning for the email migration project is critically important and you will need a detailed project plan to work against.   That plan will vary according to the size of the project. Some key elements in the planning phase are listed here: Project Technical Documentation In my experience you need […]