Consulting on email migration projects is one of our core specialties. Using the knowledge acquired from years of planning, designing and implementing successful email migrations, our team is here to provide consulting expertise for your next project from inception to completion.

Our team can be split across any number of project roles, acting as both remote and on-site technical leads. Our flexible consulting style enables our specialists to do as much – or as a little – as you require. Below we’ve provided just a small selection of the benefits, tools and scenarios we work with.

We can offer consultancy for any email platform, including Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2016, Domino, GroupWise, Office 365 and more.

Working with experienced email migration specialists will ensure your project runs as efficient and smooth as possible. Just as you wouldn’t risk taking apart a car without the assistance of a mechanic, your email platform is a vital element of your business and demands the same courtesy and expertise.

Our email migration consultants offer a number of benefits, with many unique to our team:

  • A full understanding of exactly how to approach the project.
  • Expert planning on what the email migration project lifecycle will require.
  • Training and consultancy at all levels of a business, and across many different areas of knowledge.
  • The experience and training to make the best decisions for your business – we can work together to create a timeline and plan what is most beneficial.
  • Access to the best tools for the job – we aren’t tied to large, corporate vendors and can offer you the tools you need for your migration.
  • Years of knowledge gained through successful email migrations – we know what works and what doesn’t, and can help you avoid the most common pitfalls you may encounter.
  • Email migration consultants with either a strong Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino background.
  • Experience with a variety of email migration tools and methods – see a number of our tools below.

These are just a small selection of the benefits you’ll experience working with one of our email migrations consultants.

This list contains the commonly used migration tools we would typically use. We are independent and will recommend the email migration tool that best suits your needs. Every migration project is different. Not all vendors are truly independent, and will recommend a tool based on their own affiliations.


  • Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MFNE)
  • Coexistence Mannager for Notes (CMN)
  • GroupWise Migrator to Exchange (GME)
  • Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG)


  • Exchange to Exchange (E2E)
  • CMT for Notes to Exchange (CMTe)
  • Notes to Exchange Coexistence Manager (CMTc)
  • Exchange 2013 Design
  • Migration Strategy & Planning
  • Remote or onsite work
  • Provide an Email Migration Strategy document – recommended
  • Rescue you from an email migration project going badly wrong – hopefully this does not apply to you!
  • Peer review email migration technical documentation
  • Carry out a technical interview for any new staff you might be hiring to work on your email migration project
  • Site visit for key email migration period
  • Remote support and advice
  • Help keep your technical team on track
  • Architecture and Design work
  • Liaise with a vendor on your behalf
  • Resolution of serious technical issues
  • You need to ask any email migration-related question!
  • Are you stuck on an email archiving product that you need to ditch, and maybe need to unvault (unarchive, extract, export) the contents out to PST files – we can help with the right approach, and solution.

We use this handy timezone planner when co-ordinating consulting between different countries.


With our proven track record of successful email migrations around the globe, our team and associated consulting experts would be happy to assist you on your next project.

Take a look at our individual product pages for more in-depth email migrations scenarios, or get in touch with our team today – we’re here to help.