Merger and Acquisition Email Migration Project

An email migration can be a complex undertaking for any business.   If your company is involved in a merger and acquisition, then this makes any email migration project even more complicated.   This blog article covers some of the reasons why a merger, or acquisition, activity makes life difficult.  And why you are recommended to hire an email migration consultant to guide you.

Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are common in the corporate world.  Just read CNBC to see the latest merger news.  Read any business news regularly, and you will see companies buying each other (acquisition), and then merging their corporate, and technical, worlds together.

A merger is attractive to business as it can realise cost savings if done well.   A major part of achieving cost savings is to move to one set of IT platforms, including email.   Typically, the smaller company will merge its IT systems into the bigger company’s system.     This results in an email migration project, which can follow a common path – eg) Domino to Office 365.  For more information on migrating to Office 365, please read this great blog article covering the best O365 migration approach.

Difficult Email Migration Project

However, the factor that makes an email migration project, related to a merger, more challenging, is a legal factor.   When the merger takes place there will likely be a legal document that stipulates the email migration project completing by a certain date, otherwise financial penalties get imposed.   This legal aspect can help an email migration project retain focus, but it can also add considerable stress to the project team.  This stress can lead to mistakes.  No team member wants to be the one to blame for missing legal deadlines.   In this situations, strong technical leadership is required from Day 1 of the email migration project, to ensure correct decisions are made, and legal dates are met.

Concluding Advice

I have worked on an email migration project for an insurance company merger, and the legal pressures resulted in some poor technical management decisions being made, for which the user experience suffered.   Please read my latest blog article covering the common email migration challenges you may encounter.

If you are involved in a merger, or acquisition, then hire my services to help it go smoothly.   For the large amount of money involved, hiring an expert to oversee the project is a very affordable insurance policy !   Contact me today for a no obligation discussion.


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