CalCheck | Corrupt Outlook Calendar after Domino to Exchange 2013 Migration

Introduction | CalCheck

This post covers the scenario from a recent Domino email migration to Exchange 2013, whereby some Outlook users complained about their Calendar crashing Outlook.

Migration Scenario | CalCheck

The Domino to Exchange 2013 migration was sucessful, and covered 800 mailboxes, migrated via a pre-stage, and delta copy.   The majority of users successfully started up and used Outlook 2013 on Day 1.   However, we received reports of a small number of users whose Outlook kept crashing whenever they switched to the Calendar view within Outlook 2013.

calcheck migration

Troubleshooting | CalCheck

We investigated these issues, and were able to replicate the issue.   Outlook did indeed crash when the user used the Calendar shortcut in Outlook 2013.   Firstly, we tried a new Outlook Profile for the user, but the issue remained.   Secondly we tried the “Outlook /CleanViews” startup flag, but the issue remained.   Thirdly, we got the user to login to a new machine, but the issue remained.

This was perplexing.   Next we tried the Microsoft CalCheck tool to run through and check the Calendar items in the Exchange mailbox for inconsistencies.    Once this had been run through the issue was resolved, and the user was able to go into their Outlook Calendar successfully.

Solution Thoughts | CalCheck

We were migrating from Domino to Exchange 2013 using the Dell Notes Migrator for Exchange tool, and I suspect certain calendar items had corrupted properties brought over from Domino.   The Dell tool is very robust and I have used it many times to migrate customers off Domino to Exchange and Office 365.

The method of using CalCheck is well documented by Microsoft – please see the Download Links below.  Just make sure you run it against the individual mailbox, and not all the mailboxes on Exchange…

Certainly a recommended utility to add to any migration toolkit.

Download Links | CalCheck

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