“We are considering upgrading out company’s email system. Why would we consider using consultancy from emailmigrations.com ?” Our dedicated team of email migration consultants have experience in helping customers like yourself. We can advise on your migration strategy, design your new email system (eg: Exchange 2013), and do your actual migration.

For example, one of our team could act as Technical Lead (remote and/or onsite) on your project to ensure all the right decisions are made, and that your project is a success. We are flexible and can do as little, or as much as you require.

“Who are emailmigrations.com, and where are you based ?” We are a small team of dedicated senior messaging consultants who all specialize in email migration projects. Of course, we all have general messaging skills and often do Solution Designs for customers in addition to migration work. Collectively, we have done a very large number of email migrations – this experience and knowledge can help your email migration be a success.

Our consultants are based in various locations in North America, and in the Australia region – but we offer global coverage via expensed travel or remote working.   “We are planning a major email migration project. At what time would we involve emailmigrations.com ?” tAs early as possible. Having us involved right from the start is preferable, as we can help plan your migration project, including any coexistence. A detailed project plan, accurate costings, and a clear migration strategy up front can save you a lot of money on the overall cost of the project – it is the badly run projects that can overrun any allocated time & budget.    We can tackle a migration between any major email platform. Typically, we are asked to help with more challenging migrations such as those from Domino, or GroupWise, onto Exchange 2010/2013, or Office 365. There is also a surprising number of companies on Exchange 2003 who need help migrating onto a newer platform.

There are many commonalities within an email migration project, irrespective of the technologies involved. Our team has the experience in the technical side, and also the non-technical areas – which is why we are able to deliver a successful service.