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Email migration project: coexistence, strategy, planning, cloud, acquisition, merger, upgrade.

Our blog provide insights into the technical and social aspects of a typical email migration project.

Globally, our team have delivered email migration projects across diverse industry sectors: government, legal, finance, agriculture, education, retail, and technology.

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Platforms: IBM Domino, Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange (on-premise & hosted), Office 365 (O365).

Email Migration tools: Quest (Dell) Software (NME, CMN, GME, CMG) & Binary Tree (E2E Complete, CMT for Coexistence).

email migration project consultant

email migration represents a dedicated team of qualified messaging consultants – available to work on your project.   We offer a personalized service for your email migration project.

We offer independent consulting services direct to the customer, or through a channel partner.  Our overheads are minimal, which allows us to offer competitive rates for our email migration consulting services.

Messaging has increasingly become a critical application for any business.  If you are migrating your email platform in 2015, lower your business risk, and hire to help – you are in safe hands.

email migration consulting

email migration project: active consulting

This month (September 2015), our messaging consultants are providing technical leadership to the following global corporate email migration projects:

  • GroupWise to Exchange 2010 migration project, using the GWAVA Migration Toolkit
  • GroupWise to Office 365 migration project, using the Dell GroupWise Migrator (Quest GME) tool
  • Domino to Exchange 2010 migration project, using the Dell Notes Migrator to Exchange (NME), and Dell Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) tools

For these migration projects we have partnered with each business from inception, overseeing strategy, design, migrations.